Calla lily bouquets wedding

Calla lily bouquets wedding

The bride s bouquet is one of the main attributes of the celebration and every bride with trembling approaches his choice.

What should I consider when choosing a calla lily bouquets wedding?

Great value in the bouquet has a color scale. Each color has a certain value.
Red color emphasizes the passion of nature.
White color speaks of innocence and purity.
Violet tones speak of spirituality and joy.

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Each flower of the calla lily bouquets wedding should be fresh and beautiful. Pick up should be dense buds. The chosen colors should be healthy green foliage and a healthy sturdy stem. Do not over-saturate the bouquet. In one bouquet it is desirable to use no more than three kinds of flowers.

Selection of a calla lily bouquets wedding under a wedding dress

For a wedding dress with a lush skirt, a small calla lily bouquets wedding is suitable.
The larger the dress, the smaller the calla lily bouquets wedding is selected.
If there is a large number of ornaments in the attire, then in the flower composition there must be massive elements. Watch for the combination of a color palette of a wedding dress and a calla lily bouquets wedding.

All decorative details should emphasize the theme of the wedding event.

Pick up a bouquet only after the wedding attire, wedding hairstyle, and other details are ready!

Choice of calla lily bouquets wedding and hair color

The following recommendations will help make the right choice:

Blondes face a gentle palette. These are pink, light blue, turquoise and lilac shades of flowers.
Brunettes suited the saturation of the palette and heat. You can choose green or red-white bouquets.
For redheads, the best solution is golden, purple or white-blue compositions.

So, calla lily bouquets wedding consisting of buds are suitable for young girls.
For more mature brides fit beautiful blossoming flowers.
Brides with white and light skin will approach the soft, quiet calla lily bouquets wedding
Brides with bristly skin bright colors.


For brides of small growth, a small calla lily bouquets wedding with small flowers is suitable.
To tall girls cakes of a cascade type will approach.
For a short wedding dress, a bouquet-boutonniere with lush flowers is suitable!